Not the path of least resistance

Hey hey hey🤗back to resonance. I pray these past days have been gracious to you and that the Lord is keeping you and your loved ones safe and healthy.

I’ll always be grateful for the break that came with lockdown. It’s a terrible thing the world is and has been going through. But am grateful this grey cloud has a silver lining. And so today, I’d love to share with you something am relearning. Lately, I’ve been feeling like growing up isn’t for me. What with all the never ending changes with the environment and self, the decisions to be made and just life, I missed the days when I was little. Living, laughing, just being without a care in the world. When all I worried about was if I was going to be able to finish all the food on my plate or if it would rain that afternoon, just killing the chances of playing in the dirt. I must admit, I was scared of the days ahead and what they held. Nothing seemed really certain anymore.

And then I had a heart to heart with my love. His words usually have a sobering effect on me♥️and so he said:

The only way for today and everyday is forward.

Forward was never guaranteed to be a walk in the park. Forward will always have turbulence. Forward can be here and there and everywhere. Forward sure has conflict within and without. And lately I’ve come to accept that forward also means pausing, to breathe. Forward isn’t having all the answers but that’s ok. Forward means there’ll always be a yesterday of beautiful memories. Forward is doable, liveable. Forward’s taking time to be human. Forward can’t be talked about only in negation. There’s the positive side of it, the other side of the coin.

Accepting that growing up is two-sided is what it’s all about😊and for this season, that’s just about enough.

What does growing up mean to you? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for reading.


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If ever I found the mystery in writing, let my words speak for me💜 ~Sparkle ~

8 thoughts on “Not the path of least resistance

  1. I think for me growing up is giving more grace to yourself. I think with the more years you accumulate, the more shortcomings and regrets and such things because we are more prone to remember the failures than the successes. So give yourself some grace. You are always still growing in every moment. There is no ‘arrival’ in growing up on this side of heaven. I think I lost my answer somewhere there but yeah… That’s it

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  2. 💓 this! I am learning that forward is not easy, we love our comfort zone so much. Growing up for me means letting go of the past, but cherishing the beautiful moments. It means allowing people to choose to walk away from my life and letting them go, and still being okay because if they were meant to stay, they would never leave or they leave temporarily but always find their way back. What’s meant to be will be.

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