The Real Neat Blog award

Here we are, with yet another awardūüėäKevin nominated me for this one. She’s a vibrant soul, her work is refreshing to read. Visit her blog at and see for yourself.


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The Q & A

What is the best and worst purchase you‚Äôve ever made? The best would be my crocs. The best footwear ever. Worstūüė©a beautiful pair of pumps that got torn after the 4th time I wore them.

If you had to change your name, what would your new name be, and why would you choose that name? I’d officially become Sparkle for the reasons it was given to meūü§≠

Who is the latest amazing author you have discovered? Stephen Mansfield. Currently reading his “Mansfield’s Book for Manly Men” Why didn’t I get Christian literature a long time ago?ūüėÖ

What are somethings that sound like compliments but are actually insults? None crossed my mind per say.

What‚Äôs your favorite thing about reading? Books are a whole other world that readers get to explore and be part of through the pages. That’s beautiful.

What was the last book you purchased? Oh dearūüėÖ2017 I guess. eBooks have become a favorite of late. I do miss paperbacks though.

All of the phone numbers have fallen out of your address book,whose number do you look for first and why? Luckily, my emergency contacts are off head but it definitely has to be Mummy. Hands down. Why? Because she’s Mummyūüėä

I nominate:

Let’s use the questions above.

A wonderful weekend to youūü§ó

Thank you for reading.

Stay blessed. Keep safe.